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  1. Wildlife Conservation and the Working Farm

    Wildlife Conservation and the Working Farm

    © creativenature.nl / Shutterstock.com Today's British farmers have two main goals; to provide the nation with food and to be custodians of the countryside, creating an inspiring landscape that supports diverse wildlife. Wildlife conservation and the working farm are closely...
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  2. Young Farmers’ Mental Health

    Young Farmers’ Mental Health

    © Nejron Photo / Shutterstock.com The UK's annual Mental Health Awareness Week began on 10th May. The theme of this year's campaign is to try and reconnect with nature - a proven way of improving our overall wellbeing. The annual...
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  3. The Role of a Sheepdog

    The Role of a Sheepdog

    © Shaun Barr / Shutterstock.com The role of a sheepdog is just as important on today's modern farms as it has been for thousands of years. The earliest historical evidence of sheep farming dates back to around 9000 BC, when...
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  4. Sheep Shearing: A Brief History

    Sheep Shearing: A Brief History

    © Naruedom Yaempongsa / Shutterstock.com The production of wool is the oldest known trade in the world. Mentioned in the Old Testament in the Bible, it was the first international commodity that became widespread throughout ancient civilisations, dating back some...
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  5. The Fastest Milkman in the West

    Anyone who was around in the 1970s must surely remember the famous novelty record, Ernie, the Fastest Milkman in the West. The comedy song grabbed the sought-after number one spot in the UK singles chart over Christmas 1971, keeping the...
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  6. What 2021 Means for British Farming

    What 2021 Means for British Farming

    British farming is entering a new era in 2021, with a new post-Brexit agricultural bill promising the biggest changes for farmers in more than 70 years. When the UK's ties with the European Union were finally cut on 1st January...
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  7. While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks

    While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks

    One of the most famous traditional Christmas carols was written more than 300 years ago by England's Poet Laureate, Nahum Tate. Unlike many Christmas songs with unknown origins, this staple of festive carol services is attributed to one of the...
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  8. Sheep Farming in the UK

    Sheep Farming in the UK

    In the UK, sheep farming has always been an important industry, with meat, wool, milk and sheepskin forming the basis of trade for centuries. Today, the main product of sheep is meat, although there's still a market for the other...
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